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As you all may know the library receives many magazine subscriptions on a regular basis. Pre-COVID we would scan the cover and table of contents to everyone and if there was a entry/subject you were interested in we would then assist you with acquiring the article.

At this time I am currently working on getting these publications more accessible to everyone by either PDF’s or online, depending on the vendors limitations and costs. For now, I have sourced out a few of the titles that are already online and free to view.

Below are some of the titles, the links are already provided, as well as links to subject (underlined and in blue)  I thought would be of interest for faster sourcing for you (if the magazine offers it by article).

If this is something you find useful and would like to see becoming a regular monthly resource, please let me know your thoughts and I would like to add to this if it is a worthwhile resource for you.


Current Magazines:

Blue Line - Canada's Law Enforcement

Courage - Honour Remember Support

FIREFighting in Canada

International Fire Fighter         

  • Five ways to protect firefighters from harmful particulates
  • Airplane fires
  • Fire and Emergency Responder training during pandemic times and beyond
  • Optimizing workshops
  • The hazards of Oxygen, oxidizing agents and organic peroxides

Additionally, if you know of a member of the OFC or OFMEM that would benefit or enjoy receiving these as well and I have not added them to the email list (such as AI’s), please let me know, or forward them the email and have them reach out to me to add them to the list for future messages like this. In the coming months there will be a more formal platform for members to become part of such email list, but for now this is the best way to get moving into the digital direction!

Thanks in advance, take care,

Ginette McCoy
Library Resource Technician
Office of the Fire Marshal & Emergency Management
Ontario Fire College

Last modified: Tuesday, 14 December 2021, 5:12 PM